About Us:

Pu(re) (Re)imagines

A Story that begins with sustainability and purpose.

We are here to join forces with an ecosystem of textile innovators to turn past waste into the garments of the future. 


Fishermen and the fishing industry hardly collaborate with the purpose of creating a plastic-free tomorrow. Their fishing nets are abandoned and discarded in our seas, harming, entangling, and killing our marine life. These “ghost nets” remain in our seas for millions of years and don’t biodegrade.

Healthy Seas started an initiative in 2013 to “tackle the ghost fishing phenomenon which is responsible for the needless death of marine animals”.


Volunteer divers work hard to collect nylon waste trash from the ocean and regenerate them into sustainable fabrics such as ECONYL® fiber (entirely generated from waste materials).

Fortunately; it’s not too late to clean up our act. A Pu(re) Story is a brand where sustainability, ethicality, and quality are our main concerns. We produce timeless designs that contribute to a better tomorrow. 

Join us on a sustainable journey.

Let’s rethink our actions. Let’s reduce our waste. Let’s reuse our trash.